Steffen Loft

Steffen Loft


Born: 1 November, 1954 in Copenhagen

Citizenship: Danish

Married – three sons 

Address (private): Vingårds Alle 34, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark
Address (work): Section of Environmental Health, Dept. of Public Health, Øster Farimagsgade 5, DK 1014 K, Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: (work) +4535327649; (mobile) +4526814889; (fax) +4535327610

Education: Masters degree in Medicine, University of Copenhagen, January 1980

Academic degree: Dr. of Medical Science 1990


1980-1986: Clinical appointments, mainly in internal medicine

1986-1998: Assistant professor, later associate professor in toxicology and environmental medicine at University of Copenhagen

From April 1998 onwards: Professor in Environmental Medicine at Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Head of Section of Environmental Health, Dept. of Public Health, University of Copenhagen

2003-2010: Chairman of the Research Center for Environmental Health of the Danish Ministry for the Interior and Health, now Advisory Scientific Committee on Environmental Health, National Board of Health, Denmark

2007-2014 Member from 2013 Vicechairman of the board of The National Research Center for the Working Environment

2009-2015: Member of the Academic Council of the Health Science Faculty of University of Copenhagen

2015 and onwards: Head of Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Research interests

The aim of my research is to improve prevention of disease caused by environmental factors by better understanding the exposures and mechanisms involved. Particularly research in the fields of health effects ofparticles, molecular epidemiology, and oxidative DNA damage and repair.
The particle research comprises exposure and effects of outdoor and indoor air pollution as well as risks of engineered nanoparticles. The work spans the entire hierarchy of techniques from experimental models such as synthetic membranes, organotypic cell cultures and transgenic animals, the use of biomarkers and functional measures populationswith controlled exposure and interventions, to register-based epidemiology atthe aggregate level and influence of climate change. There is particular attention on mechanisms associated with oxidative stress-related genotoxic,vascular and aging effects in risk groups of genetically susceptible, foetuses, children and elderly people with and without diabetes and / or obesity and regulation of defense mechanisms such as DNA repair. The molecular epidemiology development includes measures of internal dose of environmental factors, dietary interactions, effects in the form of oxidative and chemical stress, thecellular response in the form of gene expression patterns, resulting DNA damageand related repair capacity, genetic susceptibility, cardiovascular functionand aging. Biomarkers of exposure and effects are applied in vulnerablepopulations and validated by the predictive value in relation to diseasedevelopment in large cohorts.

Major recent research achievements include demonstration of effects of nanoparticles on oxidative damage to DNA and vascular functions both in susceptible transgenic animal models and in humans, and that a number of biomarkers of exposure can predict risk of cancer in prospective settings. 

Major grants and research leadership

Coordinator and grant holder of the Center of Excellence Air Pollution in a Life time Health Perspective (AIRPOLIFE) 2004-2010 granted  25 mill. Dkr. from the Danish Research Agency.

Coordinator and grant holder of the research program Health Effects of Air Pollution: Interactions between Oxidative stress and Diet (HEAPOD) 1999-2003 granted 14 mill. DKr. from the program Prevention and Health Promotion via the Research Councils.

Coordinator and grant holder of Center for Environment and Cancer, granted  6 mill. DKr. over 3 years from 2000 from The Environmental Research Center of the Danish Ministry for the Interior and Health

Coordinator of the health part (share 2.5 mill. Dkr. 2000-03) of the program Transport Research Impact on health and environment and Policy financed by the Strategic Environmental Research Program

Partner in ECNIS (Environment Cancer Nutrition and Individual Susceptibility) EU FP6 grant 2005-10; share 2005-2008: 4 mill. DKr.

Partner in ECNIS2 (Environment Cancer Nutrition and Individual Susceptibility) EU F7 grant 2011-13; share 0.6 mill. DKr.

Partner in ENPRA (Risk Assessment of Engineered Nanoparticles) EU FP7 grant 2009-12; share 1.5 mill. DKr.

Partner in NanoImpactNet, EU FP7 coordination and support action.

Partner in NANOKEM from the Working Environment Foundation 2007-10; share 1.3 mill. DKr.

Partner in BIOFUEL and WOODUSE from the Strategic Research Councils 2005-10; share 2 mill. DKr.

Grants from the Research Councils on health and disease 2004 and 2007 in total of 2.4 mill. DKr.

Grants from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Health Ministry 1.1 mill DKr. in 2007.

Partner in CISBO (Center for Indeklima og Sundhed i Boliger) from Realdania, share 2009-2014 5 mill. DKr.

Partner in Center for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology 2009-2014 share 3.6 mill. DKr.

Partner in Lundbeck Foundation Center for BioMembranes in NanoMedicine 2010-2015 share 3 mill. DKr.

Partner in Danish Nanosafety Center 2012-2015, share 1.8 mill. DKr

Grantholder of Mechanismsof action of adverse effects of nanoparticles at single cell level 2012-2016with 3 mill DKK from the Danish Council for Independent Research in Medical Sciences

10 competitive PhD grants from the Health Science Faculty at University of Copenhagen (2001-2012) corresponding to 15 mill DKr.

Research supervision

Supervisor of 38 (22 main supervisor) ph.d. students through completion, 10 pregraduate students and 10 guest researchers so far. At present main supervisor of 2 and cosupervisor of 1 active ph.d. students. 

Mentor of 13 post.doc. fellows.

Selected mentorships

Mentor of Peter Møller (PhD 1999) from 1999 as post.doc./assistant professor. He achieved a Dr. Med. Sci. in 2005 and was appointed professor in Oxidative Stress in relation to Environment and Health at the Health Science Faculty in 2012

Mentor of Mette Sørensen from pregraduate level in 1998, during a subsequent PhD program and as post.doc. She is now senior researcher at the Danish Cancer Society and has received an ERC grant.

Selected pregraduate teaching

Teaching and course organization related to environmental health at multiple programs, including medicine, at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Recent cofounder of the new elite masters program in environmental chemistry and health.

Selected administrative experiences

Steffen Loft was chairman of the University of Copenhagen committee for administrative IT until 1998

Steffen Loft has from 2000 to 2015 been Head of Section of Environmental Health, Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, with currently around 35 researchers and technicians.

Steffen Loft has completed the University of Copenhagen Leadership Program 2010-2011

Steffen Loft has been on the board of Danish Toxicology Center (ATV Institute), The National Environmental Research Institute and The National Research Center for the Working Environment (Government Research Institutes)

Steffen Loft is from 2015 head of Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Selected Public Outreach

Steffen Loft was Chairman 2003-2010, from 2010 member, of the Research Center for Environmental Health of the Danish Ministry for the Interior and Health, now Advisory Scientific Committee on Environmental Health, National Board of Health, Denmark. The committee also maintains an important portal for communication of Environment and Health science (

Steffen Loft was Editor-in-Chief (2003-2010) now co-editor of the quarterly Danish science communication journal “Environment and Health” (Miljø og Sundhed) printed in >1000 copies addressed to stakeholders including all the relevant authorities.

Steffen Loft is very frequently used in media regarding environment and health, in particular regarding air pollution and nanoparticles.

International Conferences

Steffen Loft has organized a number of international conferences and workshops and has been invited as speaker and keynote speaker on multiple occasions.

Selected International Science Evaluation

Frequently PhD evaluator in Norway, Sweden and Finland

Grant evaluator in USA, UK, Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Finland

Peer reviewer for the leading journals in the relevant fields

Editorial boards 

Nanotoxicology (IF 5.8), Journal of Molecular Medicine (IF 4.7), Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IF 2.9), Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (IF 2.2), Fibers (no IF yet)

Associate Editorship

Particle and Fibre Toxicology – leading journal in toxicology with IF 7.3


390 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals in the field, 19 international book chapters (no 17, 71, 92, 97, 109, 119, 122, 135, 151,158, 161, 179, 193, 226, 232, 237, 256, 296, 308) and 9 publications in the Danish Medical Journal (no 5, 18, 21, 33, 57, 153, 154, 186, 271). The number of citations of the journal papers exceeds 16,000 totally or 4.4 citations per year per paper on average for the more than 200 papers published during the last 15 yr. Average impact factor of international journals published in during the last 3 years is >5. H-index is currently 65 in ISI (3 highly cited  papers are incorrectly registered in ISI) and in Scopus the H-index is 68 and in Google Scolar it is 77.

Complete list of publications for Steffen Loft

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